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About us

Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels is a small, but significant enterprise located in the Waalhaven Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Our mission is to help our customers from all around the globe to secure their activities concerning dangerous goods, whether it involves transportation, storage or usage. We are specialized in producing and supplying various kinds of dangerous goods labels. Our product range includes labels for all transportation modalities: road, rail, water and air. In addition, we also sell GHS (Global Harmonized System) labels and handling labels from stock. If you are in need of specific custom-made products, we are able to print labels at your demand, blank if necessary. Lastly, we offer a subscription to DGOffice, software designed to assist with your dangerous goods documentation and administration.

Attached to our products is our knowledge about how to use and produce. This is our secret ingredient and the key to our service. We are happy to provide you with any kind of personal advice regarding the labeling, transport, use and storage of dangerous goods. We pride ourselves in knowing all the ins and outs of how, where and why any given label is to be used. This is why we also sell information materials in various forms, to provide you with an overview of classification details. Our work always follows recent developments in legislation and we are glad to inform you regarding legislature. In short, we are all about understanding your needs and helping you find the right labels for your specific purposes, with our knowledge as our unique device.

Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels was founded in 2010. Our staff have a total of over forty years’ worth of experience and know-how combined. They are all experts on logistics and our specific discipline, and each of them has their own specialty. Our crew consists of a certified safety advisor, a GHS specialist and a graphic design expert. Together they are the sum of our company and that results in our expertise.

Our unique combination of knowledge and service makes us a specialist in our business. We are more than just a supplier: our ability to inform, advise and support is our core. Our goal? To make sure that you can execute your logistic activities in a problem-free manner. As we have experienced ourselves: once you have caught the dangerous goods-virus, you will never want to get rid of it.

Make sure to keep a close eye on our website if you want to stay up to date on our work and our company news. We gladly share our joy and devotion for logistics and labels with you, meaning that you just might find some delicious treats or a dangerous goods labels coaster in your order.

Our knowledge is the difference

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