Please note: we are open as usual and the COVID-19 guidelines still apply.


Delivery times might increase due to corona crisis

As of right now, our crew is still healthy and well and we are still able to take care of your orders as you are used to. However, we too are now starting to notice the impact of the current corona crisis. It may occur that our suppliers will face resource shortages due to production processes slowing down. At this point, we can still handle our business as usual, but please note that delivery times might increase in the near future. This could cause us to temporarily not be able to deliver a certain product until further notice. We fully understand the inconvenience this would bring and if this would indeed occur, we will work with you to come up with a solution. For now, you can keep placing your orders as you are used to and if you have any questions or inquiries, you can reach our crew by phone or email. 

Access from home

For whom it is possible, working from home has become the new temporary standard. It requires some adjustments but you can continue to work. Online users can access from any device and location via the internet like usual. 

To help you get settled working remotely, we have added an unlimited number of concurrent users to all online accounts with transport modules until the conditions improve. This means that as many users as wanted can login and work in DGOffice at the same time.

Additionally, the default demo-period of 14 days will be extended to 30 days for now.

Stay safe and kind regards,

Team Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels 

Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels is open as usual

The recent developments concerning the COVID-19 pandemic have also reached the Netherlands. With all that has been going on, it is understandable that for some companies and businesses, changes are being made. However, we would like to inform you that Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels is open as usual. We will continue to process and deliver your orders as received through phone, e-mail or our web shop as long as our staff is in good health and capability to do so. Furthermore, we can be reached by phone and email as always and our office in Rotterdam will remain open. We are taking all the necessary measures in our daily work and pay close attention to handling all our activities with extra care and caution. If you have any questions regarding these measures and our activities, feel free to contact us however you like. We hope you will remain in good health. 

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