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Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels sets sail for new horizons

We would like to inform you that as of April 4th, 2024, Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels has been acquired by the Geostick Group. It fills us with pride that after fourteen years of successful entrepreneurship and building our specialist business, we will continue as part of the Geostick Group.

In addition to continuing our business activities, we think it is very important that our employees end up in a warm nest. It was therefore a conscious decision to place Van Leeuwen Gevaarsetiketten with the family business Geostick.

We are convinced that this is a great step for Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels and are confident that our valuable company and employees fit perfectly into the Geostick family.

For you as a valued relation, little will change now. The working method, quality, and service as you are used to from us remains. Over time, things may change in our brand image.

You keep the same contacts, the same agreements, the same flexibility, and the same service that you are used to from us. As a traditional Rotterdam company, we will stay in Rotterdam. Just like Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels, Geostick thinks from the customer's point of view.

The Geostick Group

With around 40 production machines spread over three locations, almost 300 employees and a turnover of around 70 million, the Geostick Group has been a leading innovator in the Benelux as a true family business for 100 years. Following the acquisition of Wyt Gevaarsetiketten in 2010, Geostick has successfully served this specialist market. The acquisition of Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels gives the Geostick Group an even stronger position and focus on the market. The Geostick Group is strategically strong, financially healthy and guarantees the future!

Tjalling van Leeuwen                                                   Armand van Huut

Van Leeuwen Dangerous Goods Labels                     Geostick B.V.

Managing Director                                                       Managing Director

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