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Official regulations

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ADR 2023 Dutch


RID 2023 Dutch


ADN 2023 Dutch


IMDG 2023 Dutch


IMDG 2023 English


Tabs for ADR/ADN/RID regulations


ADR 2021 Dutch


ADN 2021 Dutch


RID 2021 Dutch


Your online solution for Dangerous Goods Activities!

No matter if it is Air- (ICAO-TI), Sea- (IMDG) or Road- (ADR) transport, Storage, Production, Handling or even Waste, we have a module for it, that helps you producing information, transport declarations, shipping labels or MSDS(heets).

Because of the modular structure, you can create and maintain your own solution online. Always Up to Date and changes in the Regulations are processed immediately.

Ask your demo now (free of charge, valid for 14 days).

After your research you decide whether to proceed with DG Office or not.

GHS labels

We are also able to design and produce your complete GHS user labels, as well as to advise you in content of the GHS labels and help you which guidelines apply.  We have 28 languages available to paste up your labels! Call or mail us for more information or an offer.


We like to keep our shop as current and as complete as possible. However, not everything is to include in our shop. For example, if additional specifications are needed, we would like first consultation with you to ensure that we can offer a product you wished for.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you can’t find the product you searched for and should belong in our range. Call or mail us for more information or an offer.

Or we can simply deliver from our stock, or we make a competitive offer for you to produce it. Many possibilities are available!

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