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Your online solution for Dangerous Goods Activities!

No matter if it is air- (ICAO-TI), sea- (IMDG) or road- (ADR) transport, storage, production, handling or even waste, we have a module for it that helps you produce information, transport declarations, shipping labels or MSDS (forms).

Because of the modular structure, you can create and maintain your own solution online. Always up to date and changes in the Regulations are processed immediately.

The software contains the following modules:

Core module: This module takes care of the storage of all information like users and license settings. It is the heart of the system. You always need the Core module and it is a fixed part of the license.

Transport modules: Each of the transport modules can be added to the license individually. Each module contains the basic regulations, the possibility to create the necessary transport documentation with the help of build-in check functions like segregation, stowage and calculation of exempted quantities, etc.

The following transport modules are available: Road and Rail (ADR/RID), Sea (IMDG), Air (ICAO-TI)

Handling modules:

Notoc   With the help of the wizard and check functions you can create the notification to captain

MSDS   With this module you can create, maintain and publish your product information sheets and CLP labels and archive them including version control.

Support modules:

Document archive

Meant for storage of all produced transport documentation.

Statistics (only in combination with document archive)

This module produces all statistic information related to your shipments. Think of Safety Adviser report information and management reports.

Own products

This is a classification module where you connect dangerous goods information to your own article numbers and/or product names. Instead of using UN numbers, you can use your article numbers/names in all modules.


Remote server

Contains options to connect existing applications like WMS or ERP systems to DGOffice and automatically generate transport documentation based on orders.

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